Get Healthy, Stay Fit

Nothing can reduce stress and expenses, while increasing income and joy, like giving your health the attention it needs. Make an investment in yourself and see the results optimal health provides. 

If you’re feeling tired, stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, depressed or burned out, invest in your physical and emotional health through either our 6 or 12 week Get Healthy, Stay Fit program. 

In the course of 6 to 12 weeks, clients will experience firsthand what it means to remove toxins from the body, incorporate healthy habits and how different technologies help build up immunity, remove toxins from the body, ease discomfort, relieve stress and improve sleep.

Please note that the order of the weeks, activities and exercises may vary. We realize some participants may be more experienced in some of these methods than others, and we can cater the program so each person receives the individualized care and encouragement they desire. 

Free Starter Pack

Everyone who participates in one of Jenny’s 6 or 12-week coaching sessions receives a free starter pack to begin their transformation.

  • A journal to keep track of progress
  • Glass or aluminum water bottle
  • Bottle of Young Living’s Lemon Vitality essential oil

Preview of the 6-week program

Week 1

Get the health journey started!

The first week is always exciting. This week, we will:

  • Set health and wellness goals.
  • Receive an introduction to BEMER® technology.
  • Schedule weekly appointments.
  • Begin a food journal.
  • Much more

Week 2

Habit Changing Takes Time

  • Receive an introduction to the BioMat® and experience a foot detox. 
  • Develop an exercise plan that focuses on 5-8 minutes/day.
  • Receive an introduction to a Deep Cleanse.
  • Keep This, Toss That food list! It’s time to clean out the fridge and pantry.
  • Much more

Week 3

Squeeze the Juice

  • Borrow a juicer for the week to experiment.
  • Review and continue the food journal. 

Week 4

Potential of Essential Oils

  • Receive a zytoscan.
  • Discuss the food journal and exercise progress.
  • Learn how essential oils help detox the body and strengthen the lungs.

Week 5

How BEMER® Technology Works

  • Borrow the BEMER® for the week and learn how the technology addresses your health issues.
  • Continue discussion about food and exercise.

Week 6

Enjoy Raindrop Therapy

  • Experience a relaxing raindrop massage with 11 essential oils.
  • Discuss the emotions that accompany a health and wellness journey.
  • Answer any questions about how to proceed and stay on track.

Continue the transformation in the 12-week program

Week 7

Grab your bags – It’s Field Trip Week!

  • This is always an exciting and fun week. We’ll take a trip to the grocery store (Whole Foods, Sprouts or Trader Joes) and buy ingredients for a favorite recipe that we convert into a healthier version. 
  • Learn what to buy and how to shop. 
  • Identify hidden and harmful ingredients.

Week 8

Meet Dr. Pat

  • Participate in a one-hour meeting with Dr. Patricia Glover. She is a certified and licensed MD gone healthy.
  • The meeting takes place via Zoom and she teaches about supplements to address your specific issues. 
  • She educates you about healthy alternatives to common medications, and will address your specific issues.

Week 9

Improve your Zzzz

  • Enjoy a 45-minute Raindrop®, BEMER® session and a sleep assessment.

Week 10

Detox, Grounding and Review

  • While enjoying a relaxing foot detox on the BioMat®, talk about grounding to decrease pain.
  • Learn about light and how energy impacts health.

Week 11

Body Cleanse

  • Receive the liver/gallbladder cleanse package to perform at home.
  • Learn about dry brushing, foot and back massagers.
  • Get a second Inbody scan to prepare for the final week.

Week 12

Keys to Stay on Track

  • Final assessment on BEMER®.
  • Review Inbody scan results.
  • Receive a specific exercise routine, tweak food intake (protein, carbs, fats, sugar, alcohol, caffeine, water).
  • Take home 5 new juicing recipes based on your needs and 10 meal ideas based on your preferences. 
  • Maintenance plan.